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Your business card is one of the most important marketing tools that you will ever invest in. When networking and meeting potential clients, your business card is often the only way people remember you and what you do. And without a business card you will be at a disadvantage.

A business card must meet several guidelines to be considered good or effective. (1) It must include all relevant contact information very clearly and legibly. (2) What you do/sell should be made evident in a bold title, one-line slogan, or logo. (3) And your card must stand out from the pack.

Many people save business cards just because of the appealing or clever design. Or only look at a few cards that catch their eye. Word of Mouth advertising remains one of the most powerful marketing phenomena. And without business cards, a business misses out on the many walking ads that could be circulating.

At Pjwatty Consulting we specialize in professional designs that stand out. Also, what makes a potential client/partner hold on to your business card and thereby onto your information.

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Today, having a business website has become more important than being listed in the phone book. As we have come into the age of the internet, where nearly every business operation is digitized, a company must be ready for change and growth- and most of that growth is occuring on the World Wide Web.

Companies on the internet remain available to their consumers 24/7, 365 days a year, and around the world. Without a web presence consumers will question the viability of your company and hesitate to make lasting committment. This is especially important for small businesses where customer service may not be available seven days a week.

Consumers today, research companies online before making shopping/purchase decisions. Save money by making information available to them online rather than spending time on the phone and gain valuable efficiency.

In addition, a website today is far less expensive than just a few years ago. For a few hundred dollars, your company can have a site that puts it right in line with the largest firms on the internet.

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